,,With CZ motorcycle to the city of Tuaregs"

  ,,S Čezetou do města Tuaregů“ (With CZ motorcycle to the city of Tuareg) is the new book by Vojtěch (* 14.2.1990 Hradec Králové) and Filipa (*11.2.1983) Hlásný from Býšť. The book speaks about the adventurous expedition on veteran motorcycles CZ 250 Sport (*1962 a 1964, Strakonice) from Býšť across the south Europe to the northern states of Africa – Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. During the travel Vojtěch and Filip visited interesting places like Hanging tower in Pisa, wrecks of famous antique cities of Carthage, Sabrata or Leptis Magna, salt desert lakes Ubaria, the city of Tuareg Ghat, the graves of Czechoslovak soldiers in Tobruk and the pyramids in Giza, of course. After many publication in internal press and presentation for schools and public is in order publication in outland magazines.
The book is for extensive spectra of readers, text is not clogged with technical descriptions (that are in the special chapter).

• 144 pages on high-quality coated paper
• 126 photos from the places known and unknown
• Look on the African states by real travelers in a way, how ordinary tourist can't see.
• Pictures during the text – totalcolor press
• 2 maps
• Special chapter with description of technical defects in detail
• Facts about visited places in separate frames
More information about travel you can find in part „Expedition,“ subpart With CZ motorcycle to the city of Tuareg.
Price: 229kč + postage
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