EXPEDITION CZ 250/475 - South America 2009


24.6.2009  Vojta is leaving Munchen for Caracas in Venezuela. There will be the start of this-year journey across South America. CZ will arrive to Caracas a few days later. Watch these web-sites, you can get new information about my journey.

23.6. 2009 23:37    I am at the railway station in Munchen.

24.6. 2009 01:19    I am waiting at the airport in Munchen, airing my feet.

26.6. 2009  23:40   Already the first day, I met Petr Macourek at the airport. He is my journey-companion. We were sleeping in a cheap hotel in the town Atlantida near Caracas. We were trying to get the motorbike and were also in feared Caracas itself. We were sleeping 14 hours. Today we will sleep one more night at the hotel, since tomorrow at the airport. The motorbike will arrive tomorrow, dispatching will start on Monday. Everything is very expensive. I also dipped my legs in Carribean, but just legs, the sea was very dirty, I had not seen such a dirty sea before.

28.6. 2009  18:26  We are back at the airport in Caracas, it is not pleasant, everybody knows we have cameras and pockets full of cash ( because of fees for my and Petr‘s motorbike). Everywhere, they are trying to get some money from us, here at the cafe as well, wittingly, but I do not solve it because it was only 5 crowns. I will have to come back here at least one more time. I am looking forward to getting out of here. Girls here are beautiful but they cannot speak English much, so it is horrible, such a helplessness. 

30.6. 2009 22:35  To get the motorbike is complicated, they have finally started with the dispatching, it is difficult to say when it is ready and how much it costs. We are still looking for the motorbike with Petr, we are in the centre of Caracas. Everything is so complicated because we do not have enough cash and also it is blocked by the local bureaucracy machinery. we will probably spend the night again at the airport.   



3.7. 2009 22:31   I had some infection in my leg, my left instep swelled and it hurt. Fortunately, Petrr had some experience with it before so we went to the emergency immediately. I would never guess that my first stay in hospital would be in Venezuela. I got some antibiotics into my vein and it was getting better, the next day we had to go to hospital. I got some other pills. People were great there, health service is free even also for foreigners. Because of my leg, we were sleeping two nights at the hotel.

Otherwise, the country is awful, I am sick of it all. They want the money for dispatching in advance, they do not want to hear anything else, the price is still increasing and they do not deal with us seriously. We will sleep at the airport until Monday, we hope they will let us there, we must be suspicious to them. It is dangerous to be here, difficult to say what will happen with the motorbike but I hope it will be solved soon. 

 4.7. 2009 16:18  Today, we have met one Czech at the airport. He lives here and has some influential friends, we are beginning with the motorcycle dispatch for the second time, it should work.

6.7. 2009 17:51   Today, we are leaving for the south to the jungle. There lives the Czech who we met at the airport, we cannot do anything with the motorcycle until Thursday. My leg is all-right now, I still take some antibiotics, Petr‘s right thumb is constatntly bad, it is not getting worse which is good, he has some salve so it should get better.

9.7. 2009 21:49   We took a trip for two days with Martin and other Czechs who we met at the airport. We were passing through the firth of the river Orinoko. Now, we are at their home trying to do something with the motorcycle.

13.7. 2009. 19:00   I hope we could get the motorcycle tomorrow. We are only waiting, killing our time with different activities. After the Orinoko trip, we took another trip with Petr on canoes with paddles. Near our house in Uracoa (where we live at Jirka’s and Petr’s who we met at the airport), there runs a river. Petr is a waterman  so he borrowed a canoe and we were paddling through the jungle until the river was completely overgrown with grass. It was fine except for the fucking mosquitoes... I am looking forward to getting the motorcycle.